Tony educates about life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance directly to consumers on how to find products that meet their needs, get the right amount of coverage at the lowest premiums and to spot potential issues before they arise. He has worked with many advisors on helping their clients manage these same issues and saving them significant amounts along with educating employees on integrating and valuing their employer paid coverage with individual coverage.

Tony’s speaking style is lively, humorous and a mix of story-telling & factual information. Tony customizes keynotes, presentations and workshops to address the issues most relevant to the audience and that will be most beneficial.

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Sample presentations to educate and benefit your group:

Insurance Literacy 101- What You Didn’t Learn In School:

Consumers are bombarded with choices for life insurance and financial planning tools, and are going to the internet for information. Unfortunately, most websites in this field are powered by marketing experts, not financial experts. Learn about the basics of life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance from an unbiased speaker, Tony who will empower you to make good decisions (and undo any bad ones).

Is This Insurance Any Good? A Practical Guide For Advisors.

As an advisor you make a difference for your clients with your expertise of the financial world. A critical element of the financial world is insurance. This presentation gives advisors the information and tools for effectively evaluating an existing or proposed life insurance policy, disability insurance policy or long term care insurance policy along with choosing an insurance company. As an advisor, you will learn how to help clients avoid common pitfalls and provide the best guidance for their needs.

Understanding and Unlocking the Value in Your Group Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Benefits

As an employer, you realize the importance to your employees of the life insurance and disability insurance programs that you provide and pay for. However, employees oftentimes aren’t aware of these benefits, how they work, or their value.This presentation gives employees the information and tools for effectively understanding & evaluating their life and disability insurance along with realizing the value of this coverage. This will help your employees to make the best choices.

Insurance in Retirement:

As we reach our golden years, our insurance needs change and oftentimes fade away. Knowing what you need and don’t need along with knowing how to best unwind your life insurance portfolio can protect you and provide you with valuable information to avoid unnecessary fees and insurance coverage.