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IQ Article- Choosing a company 3-2011

IQ expert Tony Steuer Weight, traffic violations can affect your life insurance costs |

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  • Book of the Day ~ Insurance Newscast (June 14, 2005)
  • review: “Tony Steuer’s book appeared on my desk two months ago and I have already found myself perusing it several times. This is a useful reference guide to life insurance and annuities. Steuer does a fantastic job of explaining complex topics in straightforward language.” Nine Great Investment Books Worth Reading
  • Kirkus Discovery Review: “This easy-to-use life insurance guidebook…will help readers make informed decisions about what kind of life insurance to purchase and how to monitor their holdings to avoid any nasty surprises down the road. Read in its entirety, the book provides a deep-immersion course . . . But, it’s also helpful in addressing the quandary of the moment, from something as basic as whether or not to buy term or permanent insurance to the material knowledge that can be gleaned from insurance regulatory information reports. Steuer lays out pros and cons, demonstrates how you can use mathematical calculations to arrive at a plan that best suits you, brings needs-analysis into play and tenders an array of quick facts that help put issues into perspective…the information is solid.”
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